MERU has spent the last 18 months developing a unique new TravelChair to be used in aircrafts. Azaria cannot sit by herself and needs support to keep her body upright. TravelChair is fitted with a harness and shaped to provide this support. Azaria participated in the first of several trials of the chair, she travelled with her family during early Spring on a flight to Bridgetown in Barbados. In collaboration with Virgin, the Civil Aviation Authorities and many others this first trial was made possible.

The Brathwaites had been invited to a family wedding in Barbados, without TravelChair they would not have been able to go. Using the chair made it possible to meet up with relatives and friends in Barbados and Azaria and her sister played with their cousins and enjoyed a family holiday.

This is what Azaria’s Mum Carolyn says:

 “The chair was great I don’t know what I would have done without it. She was positioned in her seat and she was comfortable. I thought it was great, it kept her seated, the material was good and the seat did not stand out (as a disabled seat)”