The latest addition to the Flexzi range of products is now available. The Flexzi Max is the daddy of all desk tidies, putting your stuff exactly where you want it.

Designed by MERU placement student and rugby fan Tom Groves, the Flexzi Max was inspired by the proliferation of gadgetry on his desk at work.  “Phones, iPads, coffee cups, remote controls, iPods, all these things were forming an unruly scrum on my desk.  I was working on the Flexzi², and loving the Flexzi segments in their brilliant new colours when I thought: why stop at 2 when there’s so much stuff that needs a home?”

Flexzi Max was conceived.  The Max puts everything within reach yet clear of the desk, leaving room to get your head down between rounds of “Angry Birds”!

Available now from our online shop  in black, pink or green.