Charlie has a neurological condition, and  is fully dependent on his parents for all care and play activities and drives an electric wheelchair for mobility.

Charlie loves video game,s but was having great difficulties using a game console controller. Due to his condition most of the buttons on the controller were inaccessible and required a carer to activate.

MERU designed and made an insert to go on top of a specialist table to accommodate two switch arrays and joysticks allowing him to enjoy the console completely independently.Charlie’s mum told us:

“It has made such a difference to Charlie’s life having a controller adapted by MERU. Charlie has a condition called spinal muscular atrophy which causes severe muscle weakness and is a full time wheelchair user, he struggles with most day to day tasks due to his muscle wastage.”

“Charlie loves to play his Playstation and used to have great difficulty pressing the buttons and reaching the back buttons on an original controller and he used to get very frustrated at not being able to play his games properly. He would always need help from an adult and get very disheartened. He can now play all his favourite games independently and with ease. He can now play with his friends online too which he was unable to do before.”