We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to children at St Christopher’s School in Epsom, who have raised money for TWO Bugzis!

From the Epsom Guardian’s coverage:

“Epsom schoolchildren have raised £5,500 for a specially designed wheelchair and it has been matched by a generous parent’s firm.

Pupils at St Christopher’s School, on Downs Road, have spent the last year fundraising for MERU, a small local charity which designs disability equipment for children.

At the beginning of the year, the school council involved seven children who visited the MERU workshop and saw the Bugzi wheelchairs designed in person.

This inspired fundraising activities with support from the whole school community.

Parent Martin Barrett was so impressed with the efforts that he offered to match the total amount raised.

In total, £11,123.90 was handed over.

“I am a parent at the school who is fortunate enough to own a healthcare company, I was so moved by the children’s enthusiasm to help that I felt compelled to join in,” said Martin.

“Consequently, one of my companies has raised an equivalent amount to purchase another chair.

“This has been achieved by my staff and residents – who are profoundly physically and mentally disabled themselves – by gaining sponsorship for events they have attended.

“This has shown the children and my residents that everybody can help others, no matter what your own situation is like.

“It has meant a lot to vulnerable people who are often sidelined but have huge amounts to give,” he added.

Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, visited the school last week (July 6) and congratulated the school council and the community on their efforts.