MERU is thrilled to announce that our fantastic range of Ready-made products are now available to buy in France, Portugal, Sweden and Ireland, through our new European distributors.

This is great news for MERU because it makes our useful and fun assistive products available to millions more families and children who may need them. We are also currently talking to a German distibutor who we are hoping to start work with before Christmas.

Domodep  are a French company that specialises in enviromental controls and other assistive products. They are selling the MERU Moozi, Flexzi, Grabzi, Groovz and Zipz

AC-CAT are a Portuguese online retailer whose products focus on Communication, Accessibility and Technology. You can buy our Flexzi, Grabzi, Groovz, Splatz and Splatz XL from AC-CAT.

Bestic is a Swedish made assistive eating device, which is sold through directly through the company Bestic AB. They are now selling the MERU Moozi as one of a range of controllers that work with bestic.

Thinking Toys in Ireland specialises in providing fun and educational toys for children with special needs. You can buy our Flexzi, Groovz and Grabzi from Thinking Toys.