Simone McIntyre Presents the BBC Radio 4 Appeal

MERU would like to let our supporters and friends of the charity know about the BBC Radio 4 Appeal that is being launched to raise funds to build more Bugzis.

We encourage you to share the word and tune into the appeal which will air on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday  August 7th at 7.54am.

Click here to preview and listen to the appeal (live from Sunday 7th August)

Simone McIntyre is kindly presenting the appeal on behalf of MERU. Simone’s son Leonardo is disabled and uses a Bugzi so she knows more than most how much of a life-changing effect experiencing independent mobility for the first time can have on a child.

There are currently 23 children on the waiting list for a Bugzi and more children could benefit.  That’s why we urgently need the funds to build more.

Will you make a gift today to help us get more life-changing Bugzis out to them as soon as possible?

Your gift today could transform lives and opportunities.

A gift of £20 could help pay for the battery; a gift of £35 could pay for a set of wheels and castors for a Bugzi; and a gift of £50 could help pay for a control unit.

Whatever you can give, it all helps.

Here is a preview of the appeal:



Tell your friends and tune in to BBC Radio 4 – available on FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM – on Sunday 7th August at 7:54am and 9:26pm, and on Thursday 11th August at 3:27pm.

Or listen later on BBC Radio iPlayer.

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