• This selection of knobs was exclusively designed to be used with Moozi, suiting a range of abilities and preferences.  They are also available (without the disc base) for use on other wheelchair controllers.
  • The MERU Buckle Stopz is a safety device that can stop people with behavioural issues putting themselves and other vehicle occupants at risk by preventing them from releasing safety belts.
  • Moozi Joystick


    The low profile switch joystick

    Moozi is simple to position on a tray or table, using Velcro™ or a non-slip mat. It has a smooth, light sliding action (190g force) so even young children will soon use it with ease.
  • Bugzi


    Mobility for Toddlers

    The award-winning MERU Bugzi is a powered indoor chair for children aged one to five. Bugzi offers a unique opportunity for pre-school children with disabilities to experience independent mobility, often for the first time in their lives. The Bugzi is also available to loan to families for free in the UK. (subjects to t&c's) For more information click on the link below - https://www.merushop.org/what-we-do/bugzi/  
  • The  Stabilo Comfortable Plus is its Duo version which combines a seat with a corset back. The format results in the System becoming a complete seat. Once shaped it can be moved between the wheelchair, armchair or sofa. DUO is also frequently used to improve stability and safety in a car. Plus. Hand pump and Velcro neoprene (thoracic) strap included. Please note shipping to UK only
  • Stabilo Comfortable Plus  is a cushion with a modelled headrest and side supports, with Velcro fastening. It is intended for patients with special needs. Its function is to stabilise the whole body by using extended supports that go around the patient’s trunk and fasten with Velcro. The cushion forms an anatomically-fitted corset. The product is intended for patients with cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia) with low muscle tone in the trunk. It also provides excellent stability for patients with severe athetosis Please note shipping to UK only.
  • easyTravelseat

    The easyTravelseat is the first, never been seen before in-situ transfer device, designed specifically for people with Physical Reduced Mobility (PRM) to ensure safety, dignity and comfort when being transferred on and off an aircraft. Designed for young teenagers to a large adult, the easyTravelseat can be used by 2 to 4 manual lifters or with a hoist. Note: Shipping to UK only. **NOTE: all easyTravelseat seats come with a 2 year manufacture warranty** For information and advice for children and adults with disabilities who are thinking about travelling by air visit http://tryb4ufly.org.uk/ **NOTE: all easyTravelseat seats come with a 2 year manufacture warranty**


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