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    The  stylish, innovative new TechPAD has non-slip feet, enabling you to very quickly place an access switch or other small item (e.g. a BIGmack, iPad, etc) on a flat surface confident that it won't slide around when in use! 
    TechPAD is versatile, robust, lightweight, washable and incredibly simple to use!
    • Place your TechPAD on a table.
    • Attach your switch or other item to the TechPAD's nylon loop surface using self-adhesive hook coins or tape.
    • When you press the switch to activate whatever it is connected to, the 4 rubber 'GripPads' (see related products below) will hold it in place on the table.
    • TechPAD's nylon loop surface means you can attach many other small items to the TechPAD, not just switches.
  • The MERU Buckle Stopz is a safety device that can stop people with behavioural issues putting themselves and other vehicle occupants at risk by preventing them from releasing safety belts.
  • Four extra circular hook and loop fastener pads for your Flexzi, Groovz or Grabzi so that you can use your gadget stand with even more devices.  
  • Flexzi 3 is an extra-strong, triple-stranded Flexzi that can be used to hold large switches or heavier devices . Flexzi 3 reaches 45cm Clamp range - 55mm max. (round tube)
  • The funky, flexible gadget stand

    Flexzi 2 Device Holder is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons, Kindles, mobile phones, remote controls and sat-navs. It is made from a  double strand of flexible plastic segments that allows perfect positioning of your devices.
  • The Flexzi Camera Mount is a quick Velcro release fitting, which provides any standard compact camera a secure mountable base, compatible with the entire Flexzi range. Cameras attach to the mount with a Universal tripod fitting.
  • Flexzi Extension Kit

    Extension kits contain enough Flexzi segments to make your Flexzi 15cm longer. Plus 2 extra hook and loop fastener pads. Segments come assembled in the correct lengths so all you need to do is join them onto your Flexzi.
  • Flexzi 3 iPad holder is an extra-strong, triple-stranded Flexzi complete with detachable iPad case.  Still flexible and easy to position but more stable and secure with great protection of your precious devices.  Flexzi 3 allows a longer reach for clamping to wheelchairs, bed frames etc.  The case has its own carry handle and is made from thick EVA foam.  It can be removed for portability, and other devices can be mounted onto the Flexzi 3 in its place. Please check you are ordering the correct case for your model of ipad. If you are unsure as to which model you have please click on the link below and follow instructions to identify your model https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201471 We are also able to adapt cases for alternatives devices ie. Samsung, Kindles etc. Please email MERU for further information at [email protected] User Guide - Flexzi
  • This protective foam iPad case is light weight and shock absorbent. It is washable and has a convenient handle for transporting.  The case does not interfere with access to the iPad's buttons and ports. Can be fitted to all Flexzi types via the Flexzi mounting on the back of the case. Please check you are ordering the correct case for your model of ipad. If you are unsure as to which model you have please click on the link below and follow the instructions to identify your model https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201471  
  • Save over £50 with our NEW Assessment Kit which provides a range of MERU’s unique holding and positioning devices; ideal for therapists to trial with their young clients.
  • The groovy grippable grab bar

    Grabzi offers a secure anchor point for one hand allowing the user to focus on the free hand with the effect that involuntary movements are much reduced and control is improved.  This in turn enables useful functional tasks to be undertaken.
  • The super stable arm guide

    Groovz the stable arm guide can help people with impaired upper limb function to stabilise themselves, enabling them to perform useful tasks with their hands that they may not otherwise be able to manage.
  • TravelChair


    Enabling disabled children to fly

    The TravelChair is a unique product that provides firm, postural support enabling disabled children to fly on commercial aircraft.
  • Anti-tip security for school chairs

    A simple and effective stability system for children and young people with disabilities, who need extra support when using standard school chairs.
    Also available to fit smaller chair legs with a diameter 15mm- this size comes supplied with an inside sleeve. A 5mm Allen key (supplied) is required to fit the Rokzi Armz and Leg User Guide - Rokzi
  • Splatz


    The non-slip button holder

    Many disabled children communicate and operate equipment using Jelly Bean™ or Buddy Button™ switches, but the switches slide around in use and can take quite a beating – that’s where Splatz come in. User Guide - Splatz
  • The non-slip big button holder

    Designed for easy positioning, safety and fun, Splatz XL holds Big Red™ buttons to keep them still and reduce the harm caused by impact.  It also makes a brilliant non-slip plate holder! User Guide - Splatz


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