Switch Adapted Toys & Sensory Toys

Switch adapted toys button for special needs toys and cerebral palsy and disabled children

Example Switch

We adapt battery operated toys so that they are accessible to children who use push button switches as a means of access. Switch adapted toys provide a motivation for children to learn about cause and effect and develop motor control skills. These sensory toys are ideal for toddlers, children and teenagers with special needs or cerebral palsy or sensory disabilities.

The toys listed below are carefully selected for their popularity and fun approach, many of you will be familiar with as classic toys you have seen on the high street and other internet retailers.

All the toys listed in this section are compatible with our 65mm switch buttons which come in a choice of bright colours (Blue, Yellow, Red and Green) with an audible ‘click’ for feedback with 3.5mm jack plug.  The switches themselves are not included with the toys but can be added during the purchase. Once you have purchased a switch they can easily be used between toys as they all use the same 3.5mm plug/socket that is universal across all of our Switch adapted toys. Click here to view or purchase a switch.

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