• Lumo Colourful Twinkling Stars Lamp Projector Room Ceiling Decoration 14.5cm
    • Star Lamp Projector that illuminates and shines a colourful starscape on the ceiling
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    • Colourful star lamp that projects a spinning starscape onto the ceiling. Press the button and the twinkling LEDs inside the lamp illuminate, lighting up the starry patterns on the side of the lamp whilst projecting their colours up through the prism-like top of the projector. As the lights shine the body of the lamp slowly rotates, causing the colourful starscape projected above to spin. It's an excellent mood piece that puts on a calming light show in any room
    • Colourful star lamp. Projects starscape on ceiling. Twinkling stars appear illuminated on sides. Slowly turns as it shines. Requires 3 x AA batteries. 14.5cm tall                                                                                                                                  Compatible with our MERU Button Switch with Mount 
  • Switch Adapted Plush unicorn toy with fully animated features and beautiful rainbow mane. When activated, the unicorn trots forwards, making the occasional magical twinkle sound effect. This animated plush toy makes an enticing display piece that is sure to draw attention from everyone in the immediate area. Compatible with our MERU Button Switch with Mount

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