Knobs for Ultimarc Ultrastik

Knobs for Ultimarc Ultrastik


This selection of knobs  has  been designed to be used with Ultimarc Ultrastik gaming controller.


Our range of knobs have been thoroughly tried and tested over many years. They have stainless steel shafts and are fixed in place with a grub screw and allen key (supplied).

  • The Mushroom knob is a round knob equivalent to the balls typically found on wheelchair controllers.  However it has an additional rib as a tactile direction indicator. Its diameter is 3,5cm.
  • The T-bar is another familiar format but the MERU version has smooth, rounded contours and is particularly comfortable to grasp. Its length is 10cm.
  • The Cow horn bar has “horns” at the ends to help stop hands slipping off in case the user is unable to grip securely. Its length is 9cm (between horns).

Further information

All knobs are 30mm high (plus horns on the Cow Horn bar)

Ultimarc Ultrastik has M6 threaded shaft

A 2mm allen key (supplied) is required to secure knobs.


Additional information


Red, Blue, Black


Mushroom, Cowhorn, T-bar

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