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Switch adapted Hey Duggee (1998)

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Airing on CBeebies, Hey Duggee promotes fun, exercise, learning and even more fun! Our Hey Duggee has be switch adapted by MERU to work with accessible switches. This is compatible with our MERU Button switch.

MERU Button Switch with mount and perspex cover

A bright colourful 65mm switch with an audible 'click' for feedback with 3.5mm jack plug.

Compatible with all our switch adapted toys.

Pack size: 1 switch per pack


  • Switch adapted  Hey Duggee Plush
  • Interactive Smart Duggee features exclusively recorded phrases from the shows Narrator, the one and only Alexander Armstrong
  • Duggee has2 different modes ensuring hours of fun for Hey Duggee fans
  • Press Duggee’s hand to turn on voice activation mode then simply say ‘Hey Duggee’ followed by one of the 4 featured trigger words to activate
  • Whenever Duggee talks, the plastic heart lights up with beautiful colour changing lights so you always know when Duggee is ready to play
  • Duggee also has a cute jumper on but we must forget his signature tie
  • Interactive Smart Duggee feature plush Toy is made from super-soft textured fabric making him extra cuddly
  • Battery Requirements: 3 x AAA (included)

Additional information

MERU Button Switch with mount and perspex cover


Red (1772), Yellow (1819), Blue (1836), Green (1828)

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