The TravelChair’s postural support to physically disabled children was amply demonstrated by Azaria and Leo who, with their mums Carolyn and Tracy, thoroughly enjoyed the celebrity attention. Thousands of disabled children are potentially being denied the opportunity to travel by air because not all airlines currently offer suitable postural support systems on board.  The chairs are portable, fit into standard airline seats and can be stored in the overhead lockers.

Gilly, mum of Roxanne, said, “We were lucky enough to be the first family to use the earlier TravelChair.  We needed to ensure that Roxy would be comfortable, safe and secure with her firm postural support for her head and body.  Roxy was comfortable and happy throughout the 9 hour flight because she felt supported and safe.  It enabled Roxy to experience a life enhancing programme which is still remembered by all of us to this day. The TravelChair was fantastic and without it, none of us would have flown”

Dame Deirdre Hutton, Chair of the CAA, who hosted the launch event on 22 May 2012, said: “There are nearly a half a million disabled children in the UK. For all of us, flying opens up worlds of possibility. For disabled children its significance can be even greater. It can mean life-changing experiences – like swimming with dolphins – or life-changing treatment. MERU deserve the utmost credit for developing the TravelChair, with its potential to enhance so many young lives.”

You can see photo’s of the launch on MERU’s Facebook Page