We support over 1500 disabled children and young people each year to live a better life by providing them with the equipment they so desperately need.

We rely on your donations to continue our vital work.

Every contribution is gratefully received. Here are some example of what your donations can help to achieve.


Can buy materials to make a handlebar for a little boy with limited arm movement, so he can ride his bike safely giving him a sense of independence.


Can buy materials for a special light switch cover to prevent an autistic child constantly switching lights on and off giving his parents peace of mind.


Pays for an engineer and workshop running costs for an hour, to work on life-transforming products for disabled children.


Pays for a full assessment of a child’s needs in order to plan solutions with their parents and occupational therapist.


Can pay for a device to attach life-saving suction equipment to a child’s wheelchair, so they can stay safe wherever they go.


Can pay for a product to help a girl with arm spasms control her movements, enabling her to use a computer, so she can learn at school and keep in touch with friends.