Here at MERU we are full of fun and interesting ways to raise money, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Get sponsored!

Whatever sponsored event you take part in, whether it’s a skydive, a sponsored silence, a bike ride, or even an event which you have thought of yourself, you are certain to have fun whilst raising essential funds.

If you’d like to take part in a sponsored event for us simply download our Sponsorship Form .

Asking for sponsorship

You’ll be raising money for an issue that is close to everyone’s hearts – the wellbeing of disabled children. Donating to a worthy cause, particularly one involving children, makes people feel good, so don’t be shy about asking – at worst they will politely decline and you can move on.

Think about people other than your friends and family – what about colleagues, customers, clients, neighbours, suppliers and even your local pub and shops.

Collecting sponsorship money

To save yourself time, it’s always best (if possible) to collect sponsorship money as people pledge. MERU is signed up to several online donation sites, including Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving.

After you have set up a page you can simply email the link to your contacts asking them to make and online pledge. It’s a great way to keep track of your fundraising and your contacts can also add GiftAid to their donation maximising the amount raised.

Hold your own fundraising event

Organising your own fundraising event is great fun, as well as making everyone involved feel good. Whether it’s a ballroom dance, a pampering evening or a nature walk, ensure it is something that sparks your interest and that lots of other people will enjoy.

We can support you every step of the way by providing collection boxes and buckets, literature and posters and of course by giving you any help or advice you may need to make your event a success.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Groups and clubs


If you are a member of a group or club we would love to hear from you. By getting involved with your local charity we can work together to inspire your members to raise money and awareness.

All the money you raise will directly support our work designing and manufacturing life-changing equipment for disabled children and young people.

Inspiring your group

We are happy to come to your group or club and give an inspirational talk about our work. This is a good way to introduce MERU to your members, allowing them to ask questions and understand more about how their support will help us with our important work.

Even better, why not come along yourself or bring some of your members for a tour of our workshops? The visit will include an introduction to our work and a tour of our manufacturing facilities, seeing the projects we are working on.

If you would like to arrange a talk or a visit, please contact us.



Support MERU through charity of the year partnerships, employee fundraising or payroll giving and help us to change the lives of young disabled people in your area.

Your company can change lives

Your company has the potential to raise a lot of money through the dedication of employees and the generosity of your corporate social responsibly programme.

Fundraising at work is great fun and a good way to engage employees, providing them with volunteering opportunities as well as fundraising activities to join in with.

We can come into your workplace and give a talk – to your charity committee, senior management team or your employees. Alternatively, we welcome groups for tours of our workshops in Epsom where you will see for yourself the projects we make for children.

Make us your charity of the year

By choosing MERU you will select a charity that you can feel passionate about. We will be with you every step of the way, providing help, advice and exciting ideas to ensure your efforts are a success – and fun for everyone involved.

 Corporate donations

Your company can donate to MERU under the Gift Aid scheme, receiving tax relief by subtracting the amount donated from your pre-tax profits at the end of the financial year. You can make a gross payment to us, so we can fully benefit from your donation.

Payroll giving

By joining the Pennies from Heaven scheme, employees can choose to donate the spare pennies from their net salary to MERU. Each month their salary will be rounded down to the nearest pound donating the extra pence every month.

For example:
A 79p donation each month over a year = £9.48
Adding Gift Aid = £11.85 per year
If 50 employees did this = £592.50 each year